The Enigmatic Cat: a love-hate kind of thing.

My current laid-back marmalade version.

My current soooooo laid-back marmalade version, Crunchie

Anyone who owns a cat knows that they are enigmatic creatures. I find that being a cat owner can stir some pretty contrary feelings in the owner too!

I just came across two poems, reproduced below, which I wrote years ago when I had a beautiful half-persian marigold-orange cat called Casey. They struck me again as encapsulating the rollercoaster of cat ownership.

Casey  l

Sly, systematic,
Hips lumping through the pelt,
You jumped the fence
And slunk through the grasses
To the hawthorn.
The parent birds screamed.
I ran to throw stones
At the head I had often stroked.
Ears cocked over your forehead,
Paw crooked, immobile in mid-air.
Then snoop. Sniff.
A sudden jerk in the grasses.
The hawthorn rustles.
Nestling cries cut suddenly
You bounded off, mouth full of feathers.
And I hated you.

Casey  2

Damp-darkened you came with the rays of the evening;
New-breathing you suckled your world of delights.

Soft-padded you walked down the aisle of your days;
Pied-piper you made me a follower be.

Purr-token you gave me for lifting my heart;
Gold-glowing you stole to my deeper concerns.

Pain-ridden you went in the dark heart of night;
Tight-curled in the clay you have left me bereft.


About Sheila

Writer of fiction and non-fiction, Christian, Methodist, and cat lover. Co founder of publishing house, Colourpoint Books, now Colourpoint Creative Ltd. Northern Ireland
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