Novel “Maker of Footprints” now available for Kindle

Hi everyone

I’m excited to report that my novel Maker of Footprints is now available for Kindle! Look here to see a synopsis of the story or to purchase the paperback if you’d prefer.

I loved writing this novel. In fact, I regard it as just telling the story of people I came to know so well that I could recognise them in the street. Paul Shepherd is the kind of protagonist you can get mad at and love at the same time. I found that I was alternately cheering for him, crying for him and metaphorically horrified by him all at the same time as I wrote his story and how he affected all with whom he came in contact.

Here’s a bit of what it says on the publisher’s book page:

Attention reading groups!

Many issues are touched upon in this novel. The dynamics of the many interlinking relationships and the moral questions which are confronted, provide much food for debate.

Questions for reading groups are included at the end of the book.

“a modern day Wuthering Heights”
Jane Hardy, The Belfast Telegraph

“…an absorbing read which captures perfectly the ups and downs in the battle of the sexes and peculiar dynamics in families”
Louise McIvor, News Letter

“An eloquently written story of love, written from the heart, making you feel at once well-acquainted with the characters. The familiar and soothing imagery of Ireland enhance what is already an enjoyable and engaging read.”
Pauline Rea, Deputy Editor, Newtownards Chronicle

“a gripping debut novel which certainly rattled my cage”
Richard King, Spectator Newspapers

I hope you will enjoy it and perhaps tell me what you thought when you’d finished. I’d be grateful for all feedback, good and bad. As all writers know, the bad can be more helpful than the good! But don’t stint on the good comments either – if you can think of any!


About Sheila

Writer of fiction and non-fiction, Christian, Methodist, and cat lover. Co founder of publishing house, Colourpoint Books, now Colourpoint Creative Ltd. Northern Ireland
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